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Scan Light Series


Voltage: 220V-240V 50-60HZ
Power: 300W
Fuse: T6.3A/120V T3.15A/230V
Lamp: 250W high-output gas-discharge bulbs (3000 hours life)
Color: 7 minutes Color +2 white + sky color film star
Pattern: 13 kinds of pattern-chip fixed pattern plate +1
Focus: Manual Focus
Channel: 11 channels of international standards for levels of butterfly butterfly drum drum patterns mirror the level of the horizontal velocity butterfly color pattern jitter color dithering program features built-in strobe control
Barrier Gate / Strobe: independent optical gate can make a strobe, dimming effect
Scanning: a unique rotating lens barrel, horizontal scan 180 degrees
Control Type: DMX-512 signal control, music trigger automatic trigger
Display: LED display
Product Dimensions: Length: 512mm Width: 556mm high: 213mm

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