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Celebrate our website!

Time: 2013-12-13 17:18:22     
Celebrate our website!
Guangzhou AOYALONG effect installation factory integrated company inthe field of research anddevelop,production,installing and sell,consuitation and with hour accompany into of the current of time design principle, The production materrial of fusion superior quality and lead hard product quality,set up a good brand.
Our factory has set up, we indraughted good production technology and technical man from inland and overseas, New we have aprofessional group who have high diathesis with research and develop,production sell manage,and according to ISO 9001:2000 quality controlsystem,ERP computer network management system, followed international rule. production are suitable for profession theatre, amuse place, groggery, Club, Night club, Multi-function hall, Conventional centerand city bright project and so on, When our product comes tothe market, we acquired the comments from our customers and respects sell as far as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Euro-American continent etc.nation product moreproduction, AOYALONG will alwanys serve with excellent quality and faith credit sound price for spacious dients!
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