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Basics: stage lighting design and implementation of virtual effects

Time: 2013-12-13 17:19:03     
Development stage lighting simulation system for stage lighting design work has important significance , stage models are varied for different stage , lighting design requires a corresponding . Thus, in the course of stage lighting design work will have many uncertainties. In this article , by simulating the effect of stage lighting can reduce energy and time invested .
By using OGRE engine architecture that can be more convenient to simulate realistic three-dimensional stage lighting environment , presence and ability to interact with virtual technology itself has not only the design and creation of static into dynamic forms of reproduction , but also in a timely manner capture and show the designer's ideas, creativity and inspiration, a mature and complete virtual design platform both for the lighting designer , the show director, lighting control operator , or for lighting art teaching and doing presentations and other lighting effects are a very professional and practical design tools and right-hand man . The convenience of real-time interactivity feature, making the system even more with real-time and operability . This system provides an interactive real-time operating environment to meet the needs of users.
Whether the game or virtual reality, in order to show their fidelity , virtual scene is mostly complicated, so creating a virtual scene mostly generated by 3D modeling tools , real-time rendering of the scene and then output . Stage lighting is designed to provide basic scene file from the 3DMAX, through DOM (Document Object Model) interface analysis, and organizational resources to import and scenes . Eventually enter OGRE
System for rendering.
Illumination model is varied , the need to achieve their effects were in the scene . Users must be able to simultaneously perform various operations through the UI interface. System Requirements Operating high complexity, computing capacity, scalability . Need to design and build a data processing and high computational efficiency , scalability , functional modules pine engage together to achieve a strong cohesive overall structure ( Figure 1 ) , the system is divided into resource layer , the interface layer and render layer .
Resource layer : the 3DMAX + Ofusion plug- export, generating scenes organization , material entities , mapping and other resources required for the system files .
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