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Kara OK rooms stereo how to deal with failure

Time: 2013-12-14 17:20:09     
A silent, karaoke rooms sound music
1, borne power amplifier, wired microphone a insert merge type of M1C input port (receiver), open the amplifier power supply, open the microphone front input control NiuXuan to twelve o 'clock position, the receiver output volume NiuXuan until twelve o 'clock position. Open the microphone switch propaganda, such as silent phone, plug the phone straight respectively inserted in turn in another two microphone input port of the test, after all input port tried still silent may be power amplifier has fault, can telephone contact the factory engineer consulting approach, in the case of do not have electronic technology support, should write fault condition of the power amplifier in little pieces of paper and put the little pieces of paper on the borne power amplifier, packaging and returned to the factory maintenance.
2, such as in accordance with the above method after the microphone audio and music silent should first check the audio source (VOD) input is correct, the input of the wire are in good condition and has been properly connected in tapping machine, such as wire in good condition, properly connected, but music is still silent, can check the power amplifier music input port on the front panel to choose whether or not consistent with the audio input port, the input port to choose to have the music can (if the wire from the VOD output followed by the "CD" input terminal of the power amplifier, the amplifier on the front panel chose "VOD" port, the music must be silent).
3, such as the music after checking operation remains silent, microphone audio, check the VOD whether there is a fault. Can carry the borne power amplifier to a room with a music and microphone audio to contrast examination, if the music sound in another room, can check VOD (classics computer) if there is a problem. If the setting of VOD or output the problem is solved is reset.
4, if before the compartment acoustics with professional level and the combination of professional amplifier, check the similar with the above method.
Second, the speaker voice is not normal
1, room speakers generally could not burn at high, medium and low all unit, so if the compartment acoustics are silent, please check if VOD, former level, power amplifier has a problem, after the check box.
2, room speakers "BuBu" abnormal sound.
(1) open box, check the box for a flat, unit installed on the box body is solid (sometimes unit installation is firm, large power unit in the process of the use of large dynamic iron side collision occurs with enclosure will be flat bent), such as each unit installation is firm, listen carefully to determine abnormal sound from which unit.
(2) remove the abnormal sound unit, the unit flat on the ground, check whether the bubble edge is broken degumming, whether the dust cap degumming (usually the voice of "BuBu" related to the above reasons). If no degumming and broken, is refers to a triangular balance with the right hand to push down naturally unit of paper plates (normal unit push down, without any noise, and glancing, voice coil deformation unit will be abnormal sound.)
(3) as the unit installation not firm making noise, installation is firm, again if unit bubble or dust cap edge degumming leak, with glue of agricultural machinery (roadside repair leather shoes with glue) seal up the natural air-dry.
(4) check speaker iron net and the contact point of box body is various, no foam cushion, such as no is labeled with strip can remove noise.
5. If it is speaker unit burn out, should will be factory repair, because of the voice coil and paper cone will affect the voice quality, if you don't use the original voice coil and paper cone, trumpet sound changed.
Three, speakers reverse phase
In be used actually, compartment acoustics open ring feel good after a speaker, but at the same time open ring after two speakers, sound became dry, low volume can not doubling, but quantity can get smaller or no obvious enhancement, because of this kind of phenomenon is the speaker reverse phase. The following methods to solve.
1 end sound box line connection is correct, check the power output (should connect the cathode to the anode, the cathode is connected to the cathode, in general is very red.) , and then check whether sound box line access speaker port connection is correct, if the connection is the system error caused by reverse phase, restores the right connection.
2, if it is speaker unit installation reverse phase, open box, check the bass unit problem is wrong, if the wrong answer, connect two lines to the right. In addition, can use a battery polarity test, with a sound box line light touch battery, see the speaker unit action direction. Sound box line is the cathode and anode the batteries are touching if woofer outward action, after the phase is normal, if the speaker inside shrink is inverse.
3, on the other hand, if the speaker installation reverse phase, the simplest method is: one on the output terminal of the power amplifier speakers sound box line is negative reverse connection.
Four, receiver noise "bit"
1, check for desoldering cable (especially the ground wire), such as poor contact conditions. If you have,
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