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2014 China international exhibition on energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy

Time: 2013-12-17 17:23:12     
Start time: 2013-04-10
Time: the end of 2013-04-13
Held: chongqing international conference &exhibition center
Touch: Deng Heng
Contact phone: 023-62986633
Organizer: the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China, the People's Republic of China ministry of industry and information technology, etc
To undertake unit: chongqing rain new exhibition co., LTD
One, introduction
By the ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, China invention association, chongqing municipal people's government hosted the 11th in chongqing, China hi-tech fair, on April 10, 2014 to 13, held in chongqing (nanping) international convention and exhibition centre. A card in chongqing said the "chongqing, shenzhen", in the western region is important for science and technology exchange window and investment cooperation. The last exhibition enterprises 2100, roll over 4 days signed in 1891, the contract amount is 91.182 billion yuan, the exhibition to attract audience of more than 180000 people.
"Energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy exhibition" is one of important TTF attending the "chongqing hi-tech fair", is also in chongqing, shenzhen adhere to the road of specialization development of important measures. Event to all-round display of "energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy" advanced technology and equipment, drivers, discussing deeply energy saving and environmental protection industry development trend and successful cases, for energy conservation and environmental protection in western areas to build a professional, national and international cooperation and exchange platform. We are looking for is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection at home and abroad business units with products and technological achievements to participate in this event!
Second, the scope display
Low new energy automobile exhibition area: hybrid and electric vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and alternative fuels in new energy vehicles such as cars, batteries and related technology products, technology and products such as electrical and electronic equipment, new energy automobile charging infrastructure, etc.
"New energy area: solar photovoltaic solar-thermal technology, the integrated application of solar energy and architecture; Distributed energy system, wind power, urban garbage power generation, ground source heat pump, biomass energy and fusion can wait the application of new technology.
Low energy conservation area: industry and energy saving as well as the solution used in the process of production of industrial energy saving technology, such as environmental protection technology and products, green construction, green standards, building energy conservation technologies, such as new energy-saving building materials and products, insulation materials, energy-efficient appliances and green home life energy-saving technologies and products.
Low energy saving lighting exhibition area: energy saving lighting lamps and lanterns (indoor energy-saving lighting, outdoor lighting energy saving, energy saving lighting, road industrial energy saving lighting, etc.), LED and OLED technology, accessories such as lighting application.
Low environmental protection and recycling exhibition area: water environmental control technology, sewage treatment, water purification, rainwater collection) and equipment, household, commercial pure water technology and equipment, industrial, construction waste and eat hutch garbage waste collection and comprehensive utilization technology and equipment, medical waste, hazardous waste treatment technology and equipment, air pollution control technology (clean) oil, exhaust gas treatment, dust control and equipment, dust removal denitration desulfurization technology, soil pollution monitoring, etc.
Other: energy saving, environmental protection, such as new energy industrial park, scientific research institutes
Three, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy BBS and technology lectures
Promote the BBS, combining the academic conference and exhibition exhibition will be new ideas. Integration of resources and information, the department in charge of with users and manufacturers of closer together. Show the enterprise according to the requirements from help organize to carry out academic exchanges and technical lectures, promote new products, welcome exhibitors to participate in, charging standard 20000 yuan / 1.5 hours for each section. Please ask for details.
Six, the exhibition program
1, the organizer will fill in good and build official seal, the table of the participation contract by mail or by fax to the organizing committee;
2, after signing up, exhibitors must be within 3 days to remit the related fees to the account designated;
3, the booth arrangement with "first sign up, first, cashier first arrangement" for the principle;
4, accommodation of exhibitor representative and exhibit transportation, the organizing committee will notice;
Seven, contact information
Telephone: 023-62986633, 68526640
Fax: 023-62986633
Contact: Deng Heng he fan
QQ: 2423021560
E-mail: 2423021560 @qq.com
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