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The show five links which shall be controlled

Time: 2013-12-16 17:22:51     
Show time is short, the environment is noisy, crowded, to get the best effect, we should pay attention to the following matters:
(a) on hand. For booths are relatively small and staff more businesses, at the scene of the show and the audience discuss the space can appear more narrow, crowded, it is difficult to realize the transaction smoothly, it is necessary to rent conference room around the pavilion hotel, hotel, or contact the customer in the hotel room, which not only can create the looser environment, and can take advantage of the night, such as closing time wider and deeper contact with dealers.
(2) unified response. The principle of negotiation is all people should be unified caliber, not inconsistent investment policy mistakes, otherwise it will cause customers resentment. This would require the prior communication, misunderstanding the investment policy of in-depth communication, a specific problem should use what kind of rhetoric, in the face of how to handle different dealers, this requires meticulous explicit scheme is given.
(3) distribution. According to the staff ability, experience, distribution of work task, business negotiation, external liaison, logistics, exhibition, information gathering, etc., should be specific to the people, all things priorities, such ability in actual combat division of labor cooperation, complement each other.
(4) image and etiquette. Any staff is on behalf of the enterprise in the face of customer, how individual behavior, for the enterprise brand, not a piece of cake. First is to be a person, do market dealers have the strength, if poor quality will not be able to develop its agents; Also, good dealers could such enterprise. The quality of employees reflects the corporate culture, corporate culture bad company dealers will stay at a respectful distance from sb. Therefore, all staff should pay attention to their own image, in the face of the customer to be counted. On the dress, it's best to wear enterprise business attire.
(5) mastering the investment promotion policies. Agrochemical products areas performance differences, different regional climate differences, crop, agricultural production layout, the custom level, economic development level, the varieties of agrochemical products, packing, delivery time, for the first time supply quantity demand is different, this is not importune dealers must comply with the terms of the same agent can be attained. In the face of these situations, companies need to weigh the pros and cons of flexible application situation as a whole.
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