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Moving Head Light

AYL-A0010 250

Power Supply: AC220V ± 5% 50-60Hz 
Power: 250W 
Lamp: MSD 250W gas discharge bulb 
Color: A color wheel 7 colors + white, rainbow and can do high-speed 
          Scroll Effect 
Logo: 7 interchangeable rotating gobos + white, with a glass patterns 
In turn functions: fast, slow, forward, reverse, jitter free adjustment 
Control signal: international standard DMX512 signal 
Channel: 9 Control Channel 
Optical System: High-precision quartz lens combination 
Cooling system: high-intensity air-cooled 
Focus: Manual Focus 
Strobe :1-10 times / second strobe, speed adjustable 
Security measures: compliance with various safety standards, IP20 protection class, power lines in line with 
          CE20/22 3 standard, high temperature protection device automatically cut off 
Light body rotation: horizontal 540 °, vertical 270 °, X-axis Y-axis high-speed silent smooth scanning, 
          8Bit, 16Bit resolution of the free 
          Photoelectric mute control replacement, wisdom, correction memory 
L E D: Function selection menu, the mode of operation 
Body: The streamlined fire-retardant ABS plastic 
Dimensions: L380mm X W380mm X H420mm 
Weight: 25kg

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