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Moving Head Light

AYL-A009 250W

Voltage: AC220-230V 50-60Hz 
Source: MSD 250W 
Power: 350W 
Channel: 12CH 
Function: a color plate 7 colors + white, at the same time can be used for high-speed one-way rolling effect. 0-100% mechanical linear dimming (which can control the entire shade to full-light effect) 1-10 times / s ultra-fast strobe effect adjustment 
The level of 540 degrees, vertical 270-degree scanning range, movements smooth, smooth, accurate positioning.

Horizontal, vertical movement adjustable function of position, velocity

7 beautiful rotating pattern (can be customized according to customer request)

Rotation pattern can be both positive and negative, speed free adjustment

Use of electronic auto-focus, pictorial clarity Adjustable distance

Prism rotation can be both positive and negative, speed free adjustment

Internal road design optimization of wind, heat well enough

Built-in overheat protection, triggered high voltage protection, safe and reliable.

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