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Moving Head Light

AYL-A005 RB575W

Voltage: 220V/50Hz 
Lamp: MSR 575W / 2 
Power Consumption: 680W 
Control Signal: DMX 512 
Control channel :10-16 CH 
Packing Size: 620x500x820mm 
Weight: 40kg 
7 kinds of primary colors at the same time can be used for high-speed one-way rolling effect of 
0-100% mechanical linear dimming (which can control the entire shade to full-light effect) 
1-10 times / s ultra-fast strobe effect adjustment 
The level of 540 degrees, vertical 250-degree scanning range, movements smooth, smooth, accurate positioning 
Horizontal, vertical position can be precisely adjust the effect of exercise 
Horizontal, vertical movement adjustable function of position, velocity 
Effects of wheel rotation and location of the move-cut light functions (the preparation of fixed-point cast light special effects) 
Stand-alone electronic linear dimming 
L, lower color temperature effect, orange, atomizing effects 
Three-color mixing, color, colorful (adjustable infinite color effects) 
Three-color switching speed adjustable (automatically deploy different colors) 
4 convection cooling fans, internal road design optimization of wind, heat well enough 
Built-in overheat protection, triggered high-voltage protection 
Accept DMX512 international standard digital signal 
Compliance with various safety standards, IP20 protection class, power lines meet the standards CE20/22

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