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Moving Head Light

AYL-A004 RB575W

Voltage: AC220V-110V 50-60Hz 
Bulb: NSP575w 
Frequency: 680w 
Control Signal: DMX512 
Control channel: 16H 
Packing Size: 560 × 560 × 690mm 
Net weight: 39kg 
Gross Weight: 43kg

Color: 7 colors + white, rainbow effect. 
Prism: one rotating 3 face prism 
Dimmer / Strobe: double mirror dimming, strobe 1-10 / s, speed adjustable. 
Over-temperature protection: 100 ℃ temperature overheat protection 
Focus / Zoom: linear concentration, reduce and enlarge images available. 
Aperture: an adjustable aperture 
Tilt: horizontal, vertical tilt 1.8 ° 
Photoelectric reset: horizontal, vertical, using the photoelectric reset devices are self - 
Action to correct function. 
The level of maximum 450 ° rotation 
Maximum 270 ° vertical rotation angle 
Speed: horizontal, vertical speed adjustable from 0-255 
Full-screen LCD menu

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