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Moving Head Light

AYL-A002 1200W

Source: HMI1200W short-arc discharge bulb 
Voltage: AC220-230V 50Hz 
Power: 1500W 
16 control channels 
512 receiver 
2 color wheel, 7 colors + white, with rainbow effect 
Two pattern wheels, a pattern wheel with flowing water effect, and the other pattern wheel with rotating effect, 
Changes in a variety of patterns. 
Prism plate 1, a variety of prism selection, good fortune Mirage effect

Power stressed the focus of 18 ° 22 ° 
Strobe speed 1-14 times to turn off the flash ﹑ can 
Adjustable color temperature 3200K6000K 
The level of 452 °, 8 more or less 6bit Resolution 
Vertical 252 ° 8 or 16bit resolution 
Incidental malfunction, may automatically retrieve reset 
Built-in overheat temperature protection 
Protection class: IP20 
Consistent with GB7000.15-2000 standard 
CH:: strobe / shutter CH2: Dimming CH3: X-axis CH4: Y-axis CH5X / Y Speed CH6: Color plate 1 CH7: Color plate 2 CH8: rotating logo CH: 9 pattern rotation CH10: fixed pattern plate CH11: Picture clarity CH12 Prism CH13: Prism rotation CH14: aperture size CH: 15 atomization Mirror CH: 16 Reset 

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